I don’t claim to be an expert,  but I certainly do enjoy cooking and eating more than the average person. There is a certain satisfaction that one feels when they have a great meal or taste a delicious wine, I am here to assist you in getting there and share the journey as I experience it. If you don’t like to eat, then we can’t be friends.

So who am I and why am I doing this.

I don’t know anything about wine. I can’t even type Sauvignon without spell check. I enjoy wine, I want to learn more about it. I do love to cook. I have no formal training, but grew up with an Italian mother who cooks and bakes. There are several people that can attest to the fact that my mom does not sleep, she bakes. You can go to her house at 2:00am and she will be baking. She’s a machine. I got my passion from her. I love everything about food & cooking. I dream of cooking for a living, but instead work a corporate job, which I happen to love…so I can’t complain. I have an amazing taste tester [Rich] fiancee who I love to cook for. He somehow doesn't gain an ounce and I can't even fit into my socks!

Conclusion:  this is lots of fun. I am real and honest. If you share my passion then I know that you will enjoy the site. Tell you’re friends, eat some food, drink some wine and please tell my mom to go to bed.



about me

Based just outside New York City in Westchester County, NY, I am cooking up as much food as I can in a 100+ year old historic victorian home. I am always looking to connect with new people and share experiences, try recipes and test gadgets. Feel free to drop me a line. 

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