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Who doesn’t love pizza? Who doesn’t love wood fired brick oven pizza? Who doesn’t love a travelling pizza truck that cooks on site? Ok so you get the idea. The Big Green Pizza Truck is located out of New Haven, CT and although their website says they don’t offer their services outside of CT, they catered an anniversary party in NY today (so call them to see if they will come to your area).

My former co-worker was celebrating 30 years of service and had an amazing party at one of PepsiCo's houses. Let’s just say the house is a small mansion and the grounds include a pool, tennis court and full basketball court.

Those weren’t as impressive as a 1946 Antique truck that has been fully restored and converted into a mobile kitchen fully equipped with; pull out wooden picnic tables, cappuccino machine, sink, refrigerator, generator, sound system, and most important, a wood fired brick oven.

The Menu included a fresh salad and of course, fresh pizza. They come with all their toppings and will cook custom pizza’s to order based on your preference. The pizza’s just keep coming.

A few of my favs were the traditional plain pizza, bacon with mashed potatoes & caramelized onions, white clam, and bruschetta pizza. If that wasn’t enough, they finish the meal off with fresh ice-cream and gelato.

They have 4 trucks and their website includes all the details for pricing and the specifics. Impress people the next time you’re having a party and consider calling the truck in for some pizza. It was an awesome experience and memorable.

For information you can check out their website:


If your interested in booking:

Office hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 9am – 3pm E-mail: doug@biggreentruckpizza.com or phone  203-752-9547

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