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I wanted to make sure to get this posted at the peak of summer, so you can throw a couple of these bottles in your fridge and bring to the beach with you.

Not only is this Rose crisp and refreshing, every time I see the label, I am reminded of the sitcom Charles in Charge and Scott Baio from the 80’s.

The theme song is now playing in my head. Unfortunately, that show is no longer in charge, but this wine certainly is.

The grapes used are Syrah and the skins are only left on them for the first press, which gives it its pink color. They are only left on for a few days until the color is achieved and then they are removed, before fermentation. This is in fact a red wine, but is much lighter and fruitier than a typical Syrah. The minute you crack this bottle open, you will immediately catch the smell of strawberries and raspberries.

At approx. $11.00 per bottle, you can’t go wrong.

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