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Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Do you ever have hungry people in your house and you literally are getting ready to cook dinner? How annoying are they? Hovering like vultures in the kitchen…waiting to attack any ingredient I take out. Ideally I would beat them with a wooden spoon, but apparently thats not appropriate (unless you were an Italian mother prior to Child Protective Services being launched).

So I open the fridge….my second fridge, because the average number of fridges in my family is (3) per household, technically I need to buy another fridge, right mom?

There is a box of figs. Perfect.

Slice em and drizzle honey….done. The vultures are ready, I place the plate on the floor. They need to work for this snack.


  • 6 fresh digs, cut in half

  • Honey

  • Salt


Slice Figs in half, place on plate, drizzle with honey, pinch of salt. Done.

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