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Updated: Aug 21, 2019

I lie awake in bed some nights thinking about the next time I get to make these.

Thank you Josh who introduced me to these a decade ago and I can't stop making them.

They are so good and so easy that you will never go back to buying a mix or making your own from scratch, it will be hard to top these.


  • 12 oz Corona

  • 12 oz Can of frozen Limeade

  • 12 oz Lemon/Lime Soda (Sierra Mist / Sprite / or 7-Up)

  • 12 oz Tequila

  • Lime for garnish

  • Coarse Salt for rim

In a large pitcher, add the frozen limeade, beer, and Lemon/Lime soda. Use the empty limeade container to measure out exactly 12 oz of Tequila. Mix all ingredients well until there are no large chunks of limeade. Meanwhile, run a lime along the rim of your margarita glass and then gently press into a small dish of course salt.

Add a few ice cubes and pour the mix into the glass, serve with a lime wedge as garnish.


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