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I have just recently been exploring German Rieslings and realize that they all aren’t just sweet, sugary syrups. I subscribe to a local wine stores email list and one of the writers for them, loves German wines. In one of his June letters, he mentions the Mosel region, which specializes in dry wine.

Because of the northerly location of Mosel, the Riesling wines are often light, low in alcohol, crisp and high in acidity, and often exhibit “flowery” rather than “fruity” aromas.

Now, here I am a month later and we go to the wine store to find something that can be paired with Indian food, I am handed this Riesling, which just so happens to be from the Mosel region. Coincidence? Who knows, but the Chicken Tikka Masala went perfect with this wine and as I sit here and type, I want Indian NOW!

Dr. L comes exclusively from traditional vineyards with steep slopes and slate soil. The estate has been in the same family for over 200 years. When Ernst Loosen (pronounced loh-zen) assumed ownership in 1988, he realized that with ungrafted vines averaging 60 years old in some of Germany’s best-rated vineyards, he had the raw materials to create stunningly intense, world-class wines.

Average price for a bottle is $10.00, how could you go wrong?

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