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This Pinot Grigio comes from the St. Michael-Eppan winery, situated along the Wine Route and is considered one of the best wineries in Italy.

Since 1977, Hans Terzer, Master Winemaker of the Winery, has been regarded as one of the most respected connoisseurs of white wine in Italy. The Gambero Rosso, Italy’s prestigious wine guide, named him one of the Best Ten Master Winemakers in the World.

The Vineyards website describes it as: Light green luster’s run through the straw color of this wine whose aroma is rich in fruits, the most striking of which are pears. An excellent acidity balance gives this wine strength and structure . It is dry and smooth on the palate, and leaves a long, pleasant aftertaste. The Pinot Grigio goes well with many dishes, especially lighter foods, to which it is an excellent accompaniment. It is served chilled and also bestows a fine taste following longer ageing.

The average price per bottle is approx $16.00, which is extremely reasonable for such a great Pinot Grigio.

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